College Policies & Procedures

The St James College Policies and Procedures are listed below.

  • Download: Screening Policy & Guidelines

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure procedures are in place for the screening of personnel who come in contact with students in Catholic schools in the Edmund Rice tradition in Queensland.

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  • Download: Code of Conduct for Interacting with Children & Young People

    This Code of Conduct for Interacting with Children and Young People (“the Code”) is designed to assist Edmund Rice Education Australia to meet its legal obligation to provide a Code of Conduct for interacting with children and young people for all employees under the Student Protection Risk Management Strategy as detailed in the Commission for Children and Young People & Child Guardian Act 2005 s99G (4).

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  • Download: EREA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Policy (2014–2017)

    St James College is committed to providing an inclusive educational environment. The College welcomes and values enrolments from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and provides caring educational and pastoral support as appropriate.

    Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) stands in solidarity with Indigenous people of Australia. Through collaborative partnerships that are mutually enriching, EREA will provide an inclusive and welcoming environment and offer a quality and culturally apporpriate education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people. EREA will also further reconciliation by deepening an understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives throughout the curriculum in EREA schools.

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  • Download: Behaviour Management Policy

    Our Behaviour Management policy is guided by these core values of respect, care, justice and reconciliation.

    Students have the right to a safe environment and to be treated justly. They also have the right to seek forgiveness. While students have these rights they also have responsibilities.

    Students have a responsibility to respect and care for others - their beliefs, cultures, abilities, needs and property and to treat others fairly and extend forgiveness to others. They also have a responsibility to respect and care for our school environment.

    All students are taught that our expectations regarding their behaviour and conduct are based on these values.

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  • Download: Anti-Bullying Policy

    This policy statement Anti-Bullying embraces and emphasises the rights and responsibilities of all members of the school community to enjoy a safe and supportive learning environment. All procedures, protocols and practices included in this policy statement are derived from and are founded upon the fundamental premise that all persons are entitled to be afforded respect and dignity as human being created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27).

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  • Download: Laptop Policy

    The Digital Education Revolution (DER) is an exciting opportunity for both schools and families to access an enhanced learning experience. All students of various ability levels will have the ability to develop their learning under this program. Students will have the ability to access new learning tools and experiences to develop a range of thinking skills and collaboration opportunities. The College is committed to students becoming familiar with a tool which is becoming a ubiquitous tool for work now and in the future.

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  • Download: St James College Privacy Policy

    St James College Privacy Policy

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  • Download: Attendance Policy

    The St James College Attendance Policy and Procedures has been designed to improve the number of days that all students attend school. Based on the "Every Day Counts" program fostered by Education Queensland, the St James Policy has identified problem areas, strategised ways to improve attendance, fortified the accountability and follow-up procedures around non-attendance and provided support for families for whom attendance is a problem.

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  • Download: Uniform Policy

    The following Uniform Policy Guidelines are designed to assist families in helping students meet the College's expectations. The College uniform, and how the student wears it, is an outward symbol of pride for the school and a demonstration of self-respect on the part of the student wearing it. As such, the College applies this policy stringently.

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  • Download: EREA Student Protection Policy

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  • Download: St James College Assessment Policy

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