Message from the Principal 


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Ann Rebgetz, Principal

Welcome to St James College

It is a wonderful privilege to lead St James College. It is a Catholic Co-educational College, catering for students in Years 7-12, with a rich history of over 150 years in Brisbane. It was a Christian Brothers College and is now under the governance of Edmund Rice Education Australia, with its identity encompassing the four Edmund Rice Touchstones - Liberating Education, Gospel Spirituality, Inclusive Community, Justice and Solidarity as in the Charter.

The reality of the Edmund Rice Identity Touchstones is that we strive to cater for each and every one of our students to see them have a sense of self, sense of direction, and develop their technical and enterprise skills to equip them to step into credentialed pathways. 

The college welcomes families from many faith traditions and promotes strong ecumenical and interfaith understanding.

As a diverse community with students from numerous cultural backgrounds who have high hopes for the future, we ‘live and breathe’ cultural understanding and through daily interactions we develop tolerance, capacity, team readiness, and mutual obligation. The College has a special uniqueness about its context which inspires commitment from staff, families, students and community. We have an intervention model of learning engagement to support all our students.

Student success is evidenced by some of the outstanding results the College has achieved. From the winning of the All Schools Basketball in Queensland to the gaining of tertiary places, apprenticeships and meaningful employment

St James College shows its passion to see all its students on a pathway to success. Its range of offerings in subjects, programs, school based apprenticeships, sport, debating,  and cultural areas provides a range of options enabling  our students to reach for the stars, and achieve their dreams! Well situated in the city we are at the centre to all transport routes, have a campus which is modern with great facilities. This community in its leading of global diversity is proud of its culture of advocacy, its weekly brekkie to our homeless community, immersion programs, amongst its many other actions on local, national and global levels in relation to nurturing  Indigenous, Environmental, Gender Equity, and other Social Justice perspectives.

I welcome you to the college to come and experience the energy, vibrancy and dazzling effect of such a diverse intake of students. Many of our students speak at least three languages and we welcome students from many different countries, whether in an overseas study program, as a migrant, refugee or asylum seeker. We are leaders in promoting international perspectives and understanding. We enjoy the challenge of diversity in learning and really aim for inclusive education to maximise the strengths of our students and minimise weaknesses.

Strategically we are looking to further nurture our community, industry and educational partnerships so that our students are one step ahead of others! As Principal, I bring an Edmund Rice commitment, and track record of the importance of academic and vocational education being blended to place our students at the forefront in 21st century thinking, foundation skills and ultimate purpose to make a difference.

The College is friendly, has a “huge heart”, is very personal with 420 students, and really offers a broad relevant array of subjects and certificates aiming for all students to complete Year 12 with the highest possible qualifications. It exudes a blanket of pastoral care and well being and the most common response of students is that they love the school because they feel accepted, with great support for their learning needs and aspirations.

After 13 years of Edmund Rice tradition Principalship in the Northern Territory and Queensland, I am excited to welcome our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Pacific Islander and other Indigenous students into the college along with our local and global students. 

Together, let’s continue to make St James College a progressive place of learning success for all and a nurturing place for world harmony and peace

Ann Rebgetz


A school community lives and breathes on the quality of interaction among its students and their commitment to their core business of learning.  We are privileged that young men and women from very diverse backgrounds have chosen St James as their place of education.  The richness they bring to the College and their willingness to engage with each other regardless of cultural, religious or educational background to build our community is a defining feature of our school.  From that treasured and traditional moment when they place their hands on the crest at the College gates each day, students embrace an ethos that includes all.  

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Ash Wednesday 2017


National Apology Day 2017

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International Women's Day 2017


The College Newsletter week after week highlights the broad range of co-curricular and sporting activities across the school. Social justice activities have included Edmund Rice Advocacy for Change supporting refugees and asylum seekers, the Jimmies Walk for Justice fundraising walkathon, the overseas  immersion program, connections with the Lady Cilento Hospital for Children, and of course, our Brekkie Van which twice a week brings breakfast to the homeless in Fortitude Valley.  


The College is fortunate to be served by three outstanding consultative groups: the College Board which is responsible for the strategic directions of the school and provides strong and effective guidance to the College Leadership Team in managing the affairs of the College; the Finance and Property Committee, which oversees the financial management of the College and supports the work done by the College’s financial management team; and, of course, the Parents & Friends Association, our wonderfully supportive parent group.  


St James College, Jimmies, is a not a school you could invent should another school like it be needed for a new area or at another time. You see, Jimmies is not about buildings or situation.  It is about a community that is here because it needs to be here; it keeps its doors open to anyone who wants a new start, who seeks opportunity, who is troubled and needs support, who knows that 'small IS good', and who wants a place where they are known by name, loved in person, nurtured with care, and inspired by hope.

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta surrounded by overwhelming and challenging circumstances in that city where she ministered with her Sisters, in seeing the faces of those around her, once said: ‘What I can do, you cannot; what you can do, I cannot; but together we can do something beautiful for God.’  Well, you know, Jimmies is also doing something beautiful for God and I would challenge anyone to convince us otherwise.

Let us be always 'Faithful Forever'.