Jimmies Basketball

2019 Molten CBSQ Official Draw

Basketball State Championships

St James College offers a unique and exciting basketball program that is fully inclusive to all levels of ability for both boys and girls. The Jimmies Basketball Program is accessible to all students regardless of their financial circumstances and focuses on development of the individual.

The program is one of very few that runs all year round with skill sessions, camps, tours and tournaments scheduled for most school holidays. It is unique in that the focus is on individual skill development and post senior pathways that encompass both academic and basketball opportunities.

St James offers multiple levels of competition that cater for beginners through to Regional and State Representation. The program is supported by the Jimmies Basketball Committee, an enthusiastic group of parents who assist through fundraising, team management and organising social functions.

The current success that our basketball program is enjoying is due to the quality coaching, great facilities and a strong sense of community involvement.


Great Coaching Moments - by Kirron Byrne, Director of Basketball.

We are always seeking ways to further integrate the basketball program into the St James community, looking at academic, social and spiritual relationships that could be fostered and how the program can embrace the ethos we hold so dearly at Jimmies.

Recently, Year 8 student Bailey came to training and in his own words said “I am here for basketball”. Mr Prickett had emailed me that his mother had asked if he could train but I wasn’t sure he would come.  

Initially Bailey started doing some individual shooting and skill work to see what he could do basketball wise. I then tried to integrate him into the session with the more experienced kids. Bailey was a bit over-awed with the group work so I started passing to him one-on-one whilst coaching the six other more experienced boys in some drills.

I then decided to try something different and asked Awan (who was watching due to a recent illness) if he could rebound for Bailey on the side hoop while Bailey shot to help him a little bit with his technique. I thought the individual attention would be a good starting point for Bailey and working with a more experienced and older basketballer would help him.

I continued working with the more experienced boys while keeping an eye on Bailey and Awan.

Now for the awesome part... Awan worked with Bailey in what can only be described as a pure St James way. He was patient, educational and kind, giving Bailey his full attention. The huge smile on Awan's face expressed the joy he had in helping another student improve.

After some time Awan called out for me to stop training so he could show everyone Bailey’s progress as his technique and shooting ability improved.  

At that moment Awan showed everyone in the hall how valuable Bailey was as a member of the basketball program, and how Bailey's improvement should be recognised.

Bailey’s Dad arrived at about 4:30pm and said “I actually didn’t think Bailey would turn up”. But there he was still shooting with Awan totally focused after an hour.

I thought Bailey may want to leave but he said he was going to stay till 5.00pm. Even when he saw his Dad had arrived he decided to continue training with Awan so Dad waited.

This interaction was a genuine moment where without any prompting or coaching the values of inclusion, acceptance and opportunity of all St James students was demonstrated wholly.

I know Awan didn’t do it for reward or recognition it is just who he is (which makes it even cooler). I want to let everyone know that what we all model and value as a community continues to  translate into the fundamental values of students which is something very unique and cool to St James.

Met East Sport  - Congratulations to three students who competed in the U15 State Championship for Basketball.

The three boys played a number of games over a four day period. The St James boys played hard but didn't come away with any medals this time.

Well Done to to Omot Omot, Gonzalo Martinez and Didan Toto.