Climbing Club Events

Wednesday 3 May - No ‘official’ St James Climbing Club, feel free to head down for a climb if you wish.

Friday 5 May - Jacob and Bridget’s FUNDRAISER... BE THERE! Talk to them and see the posters around the school for more details.

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Wednesday 10 May - Work on the 'Mile High Challenge'. Who’s going to win the SCARPA SHOES? Don’t know about this? Check out the Rocksports posters.

Wednesday 17 May - No ‘official’ St James Climbing Club, feel free to head down for a climb if you wish.

Friday 19 - Monday 22 May - Bridget, Jacob and Mathew head to Melbourne for Climbing Nationals, wish them luck!

Wednesday 24 May - Climbing Club - May 'Mile High Challenge' continues.

Wednesday 31 May - Last chance to log your 'May Mile High Challenge' climbs. Last official Jimmies Climb until Term 3. 

Queensland Climbing State Lead Titles

Competition was strong with over 230 entries. The Jimmies Team has qualified for Nationals in Melbourne in 8 weeks’ time. MORE TRAINING!

The entire weekend was filled with mini events, giveaways, challenges, loud music, early mornings (lets wake up at 5:30am on a Sunday, said no-one ever) and late nights. None of which seemed to worry these young, strong competitors.

This crew trains harder than anyone else in the Jimmies Climbing Club and it has really paid off. They train every Wednesday afternoon, and on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays they are literally ‘hanging around’ the climbing gym getting strong!  What fantastic efforts. They did St James College and themselves proud.

A fantastic weekend for all. 

Ranked 3rd
Bridget Aitchison

Ranked Top 15:
Mathew Kuzevich
Jacob Forker Freeman
Ben Arnold

Jimmies Climbing Club kicks off for 2017

Jimmies Climbing Club is starting up again on Wednesdays afternoons. 

We are an optional co-curricula activity offered to students (13 years and older) wishing to compete for the school and have fun.

With State Lead Titles looming we need to get training! Spaces are limited with perfect behaviour, presentation, enthusiasm and commitment expected.

For more information see Climbing Club Captains Jacob Forker, Ben Arnold and Bridget Aitchison for more details and permission forms.

climbingclub17 o

Round 3, Climb-lympics - Saturday 15 October

Saturday afternoon was the last climbing competition for the year! Round 3 of the Rocksports Social series Climb-lympics.

Jimmies Climbing Club was well represented, with Bridget Aitchison, Jacob Forker Freeman and Micheal Kuzevich taking part. The format mirrored that which will be displayed at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020- Bouldering, climbing and even speed climbing. Students climbed hard, had fun and represented St James with fantastic flare. A marvellous finish to the competitive climbing season for the year. 

Well done climbers.

jacob forker round 3

Jacob feeling the burn on the wall

National Bouldering Competition 

Jimmies climbing club members Bridget Aitchison and Jacob Forker-Freeman judged and competed in Australia’s ultimate National Bouldering competition last weekend.

Held in Brisbane over three huge days. With over $20,000 in cash and prizes, interstate and international climbers. Plus, to top it all off the event was LIVESTREAMED.

Bridget and Jacob have been attending training sessions and are now both accredited National judges for the sport. With over 400 competitors it was a massive weekend full of big falls, high impact moves and loud music.

But what is boulder? Bouldering is a sequence of up to 10 moves, in any direction, they can be dynamics or static. Participates must start and finish on designated holds. If they fall they land on big soft mats. However boulder problems can be up to 4 meters high! A scary fall for most mere mortals.

Jacob not only volunteered all weekend, he also competed. Placing in the top 25 for Australia.

Another fantastic effort from Jimmies climbers, representing their school and State at National Level.

Next competition is the Rocksports, Round 3, Climb-lympics! Saturday 15 October, register on line at

IMG 0552 002

Congratulations Jacob

pic 002

Bridget judging one of the competitors

It's official! Climbers will compete  in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has approved a package of new events including climbing. The decision was based on a desire to appeal to a young audience.

The climbing event will include three disciplines: sport, bouldering and speed. Forty climbers (20 men and 20 women) will compete over four days, and the medalists will be chosen based on the combined results of all three disciplines.

In short, get "cranking" Jimmies climbers! Cranking is climbing lingo for pulling down hard.

climbing olympics

Round 2 Rocksports Social Comp.

Jimmies Climbing Club crushed Round 2 of the Rocksports Social Series on Saturday night.

Rocksports was transformed to have a bunch of boulder problems specifically set all around the gym.

Competitors were challenged to complete as many problems as they could. Jacob Forker-Freeman’s load efforts were not easily missed as he crushed the holds into submission.

The cheering crowed helped in that department! Will Coventry flashed several climbs, all the while making it look good.

Bridget Aitchison worked tirelessly all day to help set up for the competition, not an easy task!

A big shout out to all the parents for supporting the climbers and bringing them to the event.

Now we just have to wait 3 weeks for the State Bouldering titles on August 13.

Get training!

To check out all the great pics, head to

Queensland State Boulder Titles

On 13 and 14 August the QLD State Bouldering Titles were held at the Milton Urban Climb.

With the Tokyo Olympics in sight, representing Jimmies, Jacob Forker Freeman was on the wall. Smashing out the problems in style. Both Jacob and Bridget Atichison gave up their entire Sunday to volunteer at the event. Jacob dazzled with his scrubber skills while Bridget worked tirelessly on registration and even judging!

Another fantastic effort from the Jimmies Climbing Club!

For more information check out the Rocksports website or Facebook page.

jacob2 2

Jacob Forker-Freeman