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QTAC Parent Information Night

ACU is holding an event for parents & carers of students wishing to go to university. This is a FREE event and is open to all parents/carers & students.

As a  parent or carer you play a vital role in supporting your young person’s journey to university.

This journey can be daunting and stressful at times and it’s been our experience that students and parents and carers would benefit from additional information on how to maximise their chances of being made an offer to university.

When: Thursday 30 May, 5.30 - 7.00pm 

Where: Australian Catholic University
Gaudete Centre, Building 216 (Rooftop) |
1100 Nudgee Road, Banyo

 A representative from the QLD Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) will be presenting, as well as:

  • A panel discussion offering insights and advice on how to best support students
  • Information on scholarships, fees, support services, entry programs

 To register your attendance:

 If you have any specific questions about the event please email

Principal-Parent Forums

St James College  invites you to come along to our friendly forums. Find out about how you can support your school, your fellow parents and your children and contribute to the life of our great little school! The forums are also a great way to meet other parents and find out more about the school.

2018 Scheduled Dates

Tuesday 6 March       
Tuesday 22 May      
Tuesday 21 August  
Tuesday 23 October   


from 5:00 pm

Location St James Room. Top floor of the main St James Administration Building (Use side stairs).

Tip For Parents (Year 7 – 8)

House Deans

The pastoral care is a crucial aspect of St James College. Each student will be allocated a House, and each House is headed by a House Dean. Within each House, your child will then be allocated a “Home Room”. Each “Home Room” will be assigned a “Home Room Teacher”. The “Home Room Teacher” is the first and last teacher your child will see each day in a semi-formal/formal environment depending on the nature of the session.

It is important you know which House, and “Home Room” your child belongs to and which “Home Room Teacher” they belong to. This is your link to find out how your child is settling into St James, providing personal information which may affect your child during the course of the school day. Providing information to House Deans and Home Room Teachers allows the teachers to better understand your child.

The St James College Pastoral Care House System page will provide you with further details each house system.


St James College runs a book hire scheme for all students. Textbooks will usually be issued to students in their first lesson. At the end of every term, the textbook is returned to the hire scheme for safe keeping, and reissued at the start of the next term.

Student Diary

The student diary will be issued at the start of term. There is an abundant amount of information contained in the diary. This diary is a living document, it is your connection to each teacher in the classroom. If you are wondering how your child is progressing in class, just pen a note in their diary for the next lesson. If the query is of a personal nature, email the teacher using the standard email format .

Don’t know the name of the teacher, no problems, check with your child’s House Deans via email, or call the school.


Each teacher has a St James College email account. The standard email address is . This is the standard email format for House Deans, Home Room Teachers, Teachers.

TRANSLink SMS Updates

Want to know when a train service is delayed, disrupted, or cancelled by more than 15 minutes by SMS? TRANSLink provides this free service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Register with TRANSLink, an email address is required.

Useful Resources

Parenting Ideas - St James College is a Parenting Ideas School. Families can access fantastic resources fro parenting teenagers produced by Michael Grose and his team. More information

Username: stjamescollege
Password: jimmies1868

Important Safety Rules to Teach Your Children

The Safety, Health & Consumer Council (SHCC) recently developed a resource to help parents guide and even educate their children on how to protect themselves as they start to explore the world without them.  To access the resource CLICK HERE

The Community Resource Unit Ltd.

At Community Resource Unit Ltd. (CRU) it is our mission to inspire, challenge and equip people to embrace ideas and take action so that people living with disability are active contributors to social and economic life. Together with people living with disability, their families, service providers and the community we build a movement for change.

Access upcoming CRU events which are likely to be useful to some parents and staff in the school community.