Domestic Enrolment FAQ

Answers to all of your questions about enrolling your child at St James College.

It has been recommended that I try to enrol my child at St James College. Can you tell me about the College and what you are able to offer?

We are an inclusive, co-educational Catholic day College in the Edmund Rice Tradition located on the city fringe of Brisbane. We cater for up to 520 students with a wide range of abilities and interests and from a variety of cultural backgrounds. We have a curriculum designed to allow students to progress at their own level. Our aim is to help each student to reach his or her full potential.

How do I know that St James will meet my child’s need for either extension work or learning support?

Each child is assessed at the time of interview and, if necessary, our Head of Department (Teaching and Learning) will visit your child’s primary school. From this assessment we will determine whether St James is the most appropriate school for your child. Both our learning support programme and modular curriculum are tailored to meet specific needs, and students are encouraged to choose modules to suit both interest and ability.

I have heard that you are a school only for students with special needs?

St James College offers a wide range of academic (OP) and Vocational Education Programs.  As in all Catholic schools, students of all ability levels and backgrounds are welcome. As a result we have a small number of special needs students in each year level. These students are supported by teacher aides and modified curriculum.  At St James we pride ourselves on our inclusive culture so all students will achieve success in learning outcomes.

What systems are in place to ensure a safe and caring environment for my child?

Pastoral Care is provided within a vertical House system. Each House comprises about 120 students from Year 7 to Year 12. The House Dean is responsible for the overall pastoral care of the students in their House and for dealing with student behaviour management issues.

The House Deans are responsible to the Assistant Principal (Pastoral) whose primary focus is on preventative care. St James College also offers an extensive guidance and counselling program and employs two full time counsellors to support and assist students to achieving their educational, personal and vocational goals. Restorative practices are a feature of our Behaviour Management system.

St James College also has a comprehensive Harassment Policy and two staff members (School Harassment Referral Officers – SHRO) ensure that complaints of bullying or harassment are dealt with promptly.

I am concerned that I won’t know what’s happening to my child now that she/he is in secondary school. How are parents kept informed and what is the best way to communicate with the school?

A pivotal part of the pastoral care system is our Diary – the key communication tool between home and school. This book gives parents all details they need to know about school rules, school uniform requirements, procedures to follow when your student is absent, bell times, student timetables and a space for every day where parents can write notes to teachers/staff members.  It also has a study guide, tips for assignment writing and details of the school’s Assessment Policy. Students are to carry their Diary with them at all times. There is a weekly Newsletter giving details of happenings around the school and community and is sent home with students or available on the school website.

When do you start interviewing for places you offer for Year 7?

We generally start in the year a student is in Year 5 and continue into the next year until we have offered all the places.

I’m happy with all the information I have received in your College Prospectus. What do I do now?

If you are looking for a place for the following year, we require you to complete the Application for Enrolment form and attach a copy of your child's:

  • latest School Report
  • latest NAPLAN (Literacy and Numeracy) results
  • any psychological or EAP reports
  • any other relevant medical reports
  • copy of full Birth Certificate
  • completed Release of Information – Consent Agreement form
  • completed Enrolment Fee Payment Details form.

We will be in touch with you after receiving the above. If your child requires a place immediately the same procedure as above is to be followed.

Is the $200 enrolment fee refundable?

No, we do not refund these upfront fees.

When can we come to see what you have on offer?

We have an Open Day where there are opportunities to view what the College offers, take part in a tour of the campus and listen to input from key staff.  At all other times we welcome prospective parents interest in visiting the College.  However it is necessary to contact the College Office to schedule a convenient time.

My child is more interested in a vocational pathway rather than an academic pathway. What do you offer?

In the Senior School we offer our students the opportunity to study Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications. Courses focus on industry skills in Hospitality, Information Technology, Business, Construction, Furnishing, Engineering, Sports Coaching and Outdoor Education. This can often lead to the offer of school-based apprenticeships or career pathways into full-time employment, apprenticeships or traineeships after the completion of Year 12.


My child is academic and wants to go to university. What do you offer?

In the Senior School we offer our students a wide range of OP subjects.  As well, students undergo preparation for the Queensland Core Skills test during both Years 11 and 12.

I am confused by the range of subjects offered to my child. How do I help him/her make the best choice?

The College has two guidance counsellors who will assist in subject selections especially in the senior school. The Deputy Principal coordinates this procedure with assistance from Heads of Department and subject teachers. Students are offered a wide range of subjects and are encouraged to choose according to interest and ability.

I notice that you don’t seem to have any sporting grounds. My child loves sport, can you offer any sort of sport?

Our students are able to participate in a wide range of sports by accessing the city resources. We have our own buses and students participate in activities such as canoeing on the Brisbane river, abseiling at Kangaroo Point Cliffs, swimming at the Valley Pool along with all the usual sports such as Basketball, Netball, Soccer and Rugby League.  We regularly conduct outdoor education camps at various venues.  Our Multi-Purpose Hall is an excellent facility with capability for a variety of sports during class time, recess breaks and after school. Students are actively encouraged to participate at local and district sports and are kept well informed of their options via assemblies, House meetings and the weekly College Newsletter and College website.

How will my child get to school? We live in an outlying suburb.

Being as central as we are is a distinct advantage for all our students whether close to the city or not. The school is a safe short walk from Central Station.  Approximately half our students use the rail service. There is also a bus service from most suburbs to the City. For information on the bus timetables and route services contact Translink on 131230.