Published: 25 August 2016

Olympians Lunch Inspires

On Friday 19 August seven Jimmie's students accompanies Mr Prickett to an Olympians lunch where they were entertained and inspired by former Olympic Gold Medal Champion Libby Trickett.

The lunch was hosted by Slater and Gordon Lawyers and Libby spoke to the students about having goals, finding a mentor, and finding what motivates you to succeed in your respected sports. “Putting in the hard work to get success for yourself is just as good as finding success for your team”, said Libby." The students commented on this quote as a standout of the day.

Libby showed that professional athletes are normal people just achieving extraordinary dreams.

St James College thank Slater and Gordon Lawyers for their invitation and hospitality, and a big thank you to Libby Trickett whose words of honesty and motivation  inspired the students who attended the Olympians lunch.