Published: 29 August 2016

Visitors get an education in education

On Tuesday 23 August  Dr Lee-Anne Perry, QCEC Director, Ms Tracy Davis MP, Queensland Shadow Education Minister and Ms Verity Barton MP, Deputy Chair, Dept of Education & Tourism paid a visit to the College.  

Ms Davis, who is new to the Shadow Minister position, is acquainting herself with the Catholic Education system and Dr Perry asked if we would be the first cab of the rank in a series of visits to various Catholic schools in and around Brisbane. 

Their tour of the school involved visits to classrooms and other facilities.  

The visitors were very appreciative of the opportunity to meet the students and staff. and as always, the senior students who were with us were outstanding and engaging and a wonderful witness to all that happens here.

It was the first ever visit to St James by Dr Lee-Anne Perry, even though she was Principal at All Hallows' School for 16 years.  Lee-Anne herself was quite amazed at the diversity of our students but also about the steps that are taken by all towards managing the curriculum so well in such an environment.  Lee-Anne said, "St James seems to epitomise what a Catholic school should really be about."

 This message to Mr Crooks from Lee-Anne following the visit says it all.

Thank you so much for your email and the visit today. My staff all commented on the absolute glow and energy with which I returned from the visit – I found it just so energising! Your students and staff were so welcoming, warm and open – it was an absolute delight to be with them. Please pass on my thanks to your leaders and the staff and to the students who were so gracious and welcoming as we walked around – I don’t think I passed a student who didn’t smile or offer some form of greeting.

 I will certainly take you up on your offer of a visit in the future – I really miss schools and school community and welcome any opportunity to visit.

Thanks again Gerry. I hope the rest of the term goes smoothly for you.

Thanks to all for a wonderful morning and for sharing the Jimmie's spirit.