Published: 2 September 2016

Lady Cilento Children's Hospital - gifts for Dad

On Thursday 1 September seven girls from Year 10 had the opportunity to take gift wrapped chocolates to the children at the Lady Cilento Hospital.

The children, who have a range of illnesses cannot leave the hospital to go out and buy gifts for their father’s or father figure’s for Father’s Day, were given chocolates for them to give to someone special in their life.

Our Jimmie's student's were pleased to meet the wonderful children, many who are fighting a potentially fatal illness and were impressed by how much they are enjoying their life even at such a difficult time. The group visited some of the Hospital Wards to visit children who were currently either receiving treatment or recovering from surgery and  took part in the Weekly Assembly run by the Lady Cilento Hospital School.

During the tour through the hospital, our group noticed there is as a bell attached to a signed board at the entrance of one of the wards. The bell is rung three times by a child who has completed their cancer treatment as a symbol of joy and success in getting through their treatment and being able to move toward going home and gettin back into the regular routine of life.

Jimmie's student Soumiga Gopalakrishnan said "One of the things I learned from these children is that although life can be hard and trying that things are not impossible. We were all so impressed by the positive attitude and joy shown by the kids, it was quite inspirational."

Thank you to the staff at the Lady Cilento Hospital School and to Ms Jane Backhaus, Deputy Principal of the Hospital School who hosted us. We would also like to thank Mrs Karen Young, Teacher/Oncology Liaison at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital School who took us through the Wards to meet the sick children and their parents as we visited, explained the reason for our visit and gave the children the chocolates.

Mrs Parry, thank you for giving the students this great opportunity to visit all of those wonderful children. Moreover we all should be grateful to God for giving us this great life.

“Never give up, and be confident in what you do. There may be tough times, but the difficulties which you face will make you more determined to achieve your objectives and to win against all the odds”- Marta.