Published: 1 November 2016

Schools Auction Competition comes to Queensland

A skilled auctioneer will make the difference between a good sale and an exceptional one.

Auctioneering requires a lot of skill. You can’t simply sit in a classroom, complete an auctioneer’s licence and become a great auctioneer. It is a real craft requiring special personal skills such as charisma, presence and confidence.

With the assistance of Adrian Pauley - Brisbane’s Gregory Terrace Dean, the schools auction competition was launched in February. Students worked closely with leading industry identities Haesley Cush and Gordon Macdonald.

Throughout the six week course, the students refined their auctioneering skills and delivered extraordinary performances overall.

Originally launched in 2006, the Schools Auction Competition has influenced more than 600 students with remarkable levels of success. Many of these students now work as leading agents in the industry.

Thank you to Jason Andrew Group as they continue to grow and develop the Schools Auction Competition throughout Queensland.

Congratulations to Terrace's Charlie Parer for taking out first place in the competition and well done also to Jimmie's student Brayton Thomlinson who tied in third place.

View Brayton's Video here