Published: 9 November 2016

Soumi 'cleans up' in Environmental Leadership

Green Heart Schools' Student Environmental Leadership Network (SELN) is an environment-specific leadership program for year 10 Brisbane students. The program provides students with the knowledge and skills to develop and lead behaviour change projects in their school and local community. Participants are supported to identify environmental issues and work together to plan and implement projects to help make Brisbane's schools and communities cleaner and greener. This free program can help build confidence and leadership in students and achieve sustainable outcomes in schools.

The Lord Mayor, Brisbane Councillors and environmental experts attend scheduled SELN meetings that are held once per term to support students to lead environmental discussions and work together to develop projects, while engaging with sustainability and education professionals.

Jimmie's student Soumiga installed 25 paper recycling bins at school in an effort to reduce school waste from three to one skip bins a week, saving the school over $160 a week. In September alone the school saved over $720. 

Congratulations Soumi on this excellent initiative.

Watch Soumi's video.


Nominations for the 2017 Student Environmental Leadership Network program are now open. Spaces are limited so ensure you register early.