Published: 23 November 2016

Farewell Class of 2016

At a special school gathering and later in St Brigid’s Church, Red Hill, the Class of 2016 graduated from St James College.

Each year is remarkable in its own way and 2016 has proven to be no different. We have been blest by a senior year group of young men and women who have been excellent role models for their Houses, who have put themselves forward to support others, participated in social justice work, worked cooperatively with their teachers and peers and brought great credit on the school. And we wish them well as they now step out into the world, hopefully armed with the skills and frame of mind to take on the challenges of an adult world.

To all our students, whether they have finished their school career or whether they have just finished their first year of high school, value the the day-to-day interactions with others, the quality of relationships that are established, the compassion we have for those who need it, the acceptance that each shows for the other regardless of their circumstances or background, our determination to apply ourselves positively to the challenges that face us; these are what really matter.

Thank you to all parents, families and carers for the support you have provided for us all at St James throughout the year in the education of your children. We hope that we as a staff have made a positive difference in their lives and that we have taught them in turn to make even more of a difference in the lives of others.

May your Christmas holiday period will be safe, enjoyable and enriching for all. Thank you for all that has been in the 2016 school year. Let us all look forward in hope to new horizons in 2017.