Published: 1 December 2016

School Improvement Plan 2017-2021 now available

More Info: School Improvement Plan 2017 2021 Download

The College’s Mission Statement bears testimony to the aims and philosophy contained in the Charter:

Challenged by the Gospel and inspired by Edmund Rice, St James College, as a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition, engages and nurtures the heart and mind of each person. We honour the dignity of each member of our diverse community through our lived pastoral environment inspired by a living spirit of community and compassion. Our holistic curriculum promotes relevant pathways for the growth of each person. We are called to live and promote justice to all through service in the spirit of Jesus and in the tradition of Edmund.

The National Education Reform Agreement (2013) formulated by the Council of Australian Governments sets out five National Reform Directions:

1. Quality teaching
2. Quality Learning
3. Empowered School Leadership
4. Meeting Student Need
5. Transparency and Accountability

These directions areas have been addressed through the areas that we have ascertained are important for our school

St James College has also identified nine key targets for school improvement:

1. Maintaining and enhancing the Catholic identity of the College as an authentic Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition
2. Improved student achievement levels in Literacy and Numeracy, NAPLAN Testing and Senior Secondary Assessment
3. Clear teaching and learning goals articulated and imbedded across all curriculum programs
4. Full implementation of Information Technologies across all curriculum areas
5. Improved positive student attitudes and engagement
6. Implementation of a Professional Development Plan for staff that supports the desired outcomes for school improvement
7. Improved attendance and punctuality as key to student engagement and achievement
8. Improved facilities and equitable access to resources by all students and staff
9. Continual development of positive and supportive pastoral programs to enhance student well-being

These key targets are addressed in the School Improvement Plan 2017-2021 in relation to secondary education at St James College: