Published: 8 February 2017

Jimmies student a 'Local Legend'

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Class of 2016 student Katana Wesley recently received a Local Legends Award, presented by Jim Chalmers, MP.

The award was in recognition of Katana's volunteer social work in the Logan community as well as her own personal growth.

Katana gave a speech at the award ceremony and apparently she was the first award recipient who has been asked to do this. 

The Local Legends Awards, now in their third year, are a great way to recognise those who make an outstanding contribution in the local area.

The awards are all about acknowledging and celebrating the people who enhance others' quality of life by dedicating their skills, enthusiasm and energy in a diverse range of causes right around the electorate.

The nominee's contribution could be as diverse as, but not limited to:

- volunteering in the community over a substantial period of time;

- involvement in youth activities;

- preservation and protection of the environment;

- innovation and expertise in business;

- service to the arts, sport, culture or education; or

- those working with the aged or people with a disability.

 Katana has just accepted a position doing Secondary Education at ACU and we wish her all the very best.



Let me know if I can be of any more assistance or provide any more detail. I have CC’ed Gerry so he knows of Katana’s award. I am incredibly proud of her!