Published: 16 February 2017

Careers visit to Origin Energises Students

On Monday 13th February a group of Year 11 Jimmies students attended a Beacon Foundation day where they visited Origin Energy here in Brisbane.  The students had the opportunity to speak to recent university graduates who have now been accepted into the Origin graduate program.  

Trudi Weigand, Professional Development Coordinator for Origin Energy led the day & organised the graduate's attendance. 

 Some of our student's feedback included:

“Right now my mindset on life is open to new careers in my life and it helping me find my way to a job that I want”

“Today has shown me the significance of following my passion and not following anyone else or being pressured by anyone”

“I know that I now have a better and more clear future of what I can do in my future career.  I have gained insight into the jobs from people who work in the industry”

An the Origin Graduate feedback:

“We got to clarify some of the concerns that the students hand.  Made me feel like I could definitely add value in their lives/careers”

“I wish someone had done this for me when I was young.  It would have saved me years of working it out”

“gave the students some knowledge of what Uni is like & options they have from a group of people that recently experienced this”

Origin Foundation believes in the power of education to help create better lives for young Australians and they encourage their staff to volunteer in the not for profit organisations they support.

The Jimmies students appreciated the opportunity to talk to new graduates about career choices they could make.