Published: 4 May 2017

2017 Edmund Rice Founder's Day

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On Founder’s Day we are asking students, staff, parents and collaborators in the Edmund Rice Network to change your profile picture on social media, email, school … wherever you use a profile picture – to one of the ‘hands’ that say ‘I am your neighbour’ in a language of your choosing and use the hashtags: #erebb #eraforchange #iamyourneighbour

It is important to use the hashtags as they are what will ‘trend’ and thus get attention the more people use them.

We are hoping to continue the trend for about a month.

Not everyone has access to the internet or have social media. Therefore, we are suggesting some students make their own ‘hands’ and write messages in them to create some kind of display at school.

You can take photos of them to share with the network on social media, the EREBB website and/or the ERA for Change website.

Resources can be found here