Published: 13 September 2017

150 year logo design competition

The winning design will be used in promotional materials for the 150 year celebration of St James College. 


  • make the logo to fit between a5 and a4 size.
  • use the words St James College, 150 years or Jimmies 150 or
  • variations of the 2 (either Formal or casual) and an appropriate image.
  • make the design either black and white or tonal. or limited colours (school colours)
  • hand in the design to either Mr Hill or Mrs Doherty before the end of week 33. (Friday 24 October)
  • note that the design may need adjusting to fit the print format.

Design Tips
The design will be reduced in size so keep the image and lettering simple and compact so they fit together in a shape. such as a circle, or a triangle or square etc. Limit your colours. Consider the values that are important at St James i.e. inclusiveness, and think how to express your ideas as a simple image.

Look at other logos, what makes them work, and use the ideas

Good Luck.