Published: 3 May 2018

Speed Careering Day at Jimmies

The day was all about students learning about different careers and what subjects would help them in senior school.

We were lucky enough to have representatives from a number of local businesses lending their experience on the day.

The students were in awe of some of the careers available to them with some students learning how to network with their new mentors and ask questions about how they achieved their career goals. Many have walked away from this event being inspired by careers they had never heard of.

The purpose of the speed careering day is to allow students exposure to different career options with the intent of assisting them in making the sometimes overwhelming decision of what career path they might like to pursue.

Students were given four minute rotations with each guest speaker. Students had the opportunity to not only gain information about the different career paths but also to ask each individual speaker any questions they may have.

A huge thank you is conveyed to our guest speakers for taking the time out of their busy schedules to spend the afternoon with our students. Your contribution made the day a huge success.