Published: 29 July 2019

2019 Spirit of Catholic Education Awards

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The Spirit of Catholic Education Awards are presented annually in conjunction with Catholic Education Week to recognise individuals or teams making an outstanding contribution to Catholic education in Queensland.

Congratulations to our own Dr Shannon O'Gorman, a  recipient of this year’s awards. 

Shannon  is an exceptional counsellor who does outstanding work re-engaging students who have refused to go to school.

Her work re-engaging students can involve many hours of emails, phone calls, and personal visits with students and liaising with families as well as working closely with colleagues including the College pastoral team and the Leadership Team.

Shannon has developed a family therapy approach to re-engaging students which involves empowering students to make decisions but also ensuring parents and carers take a share of responsibility.

Shannon works with College staff to plan and monitor the progress of each student and she conducts workshops to boost their confidence and build resilience. She has high expectations and a set of non-negotiables in her partnerships with students and families but she goes well beyond the call of duty – whether it is baking a cake, conducting a course for parents, leading a group of counsellors or sharing her experience with others through journals and conference presentations.

Shannon also assists asylum seeker students who have faced extremely challenging times to integrate into the College.

In all her work Shannon demonstrates the true ethos of Edmund Rice Education.

Shannon received her award at the launch  of Catholic Education Week in Rockhampton. Congratulations also to  Donna Martin, Maria Young and Yolanda Cano for their nominations in the 2019 Awards.