Published: 30 July 2019

St James College Inaugural Careers Expo

The Careers Expo put students face-to-face with the people who can answer career questions and guide them on their professional path.

A vast and diverse array of organisations all under the one roof made for a one stop shop for the latest information on employment opportunities, further training and tertiary studies.Exhibitors spanned around the school hall so students could go from one to the next to gather information and study options across a huge array of study areas, and teachers and student advisors were on hand to give advice on career pathways.

The Careers Expo also incorporated our Annual Speed Careering Event for Year 10 students, giving them a chance to experience real occupations in a fun and casual atmosphere, make new acquaintances and take the first step towards a career, all in just a few minutes. The hour-long event was also an excellent opportunity for employers to find out what occupations and industries students were interested in.

Speed Careering involves approximately forty industry professionals seated at rows of tables, then in groups of two, the one hundred students spent five minutes at each table before the bell was rung and they moved on to the next professional.

The students were incredibly excited and it was a hive of activity as they tried to get in as much conversation and as many questions as possible before moving on.

St James College Guidance Counsellor, Brooke Walters said, “Five minutes isn’t long to get acquainted with a job, but still the overall impression of students and industry experts was positive. The event also enables us to establish relationships with industry. Everyone was so enthusiastic and the students had only positive things to say.”

 We thanks all the Careers Expo Exhibitors and Speed Careering guests for supporting this valuable event and helping our students to discover their passion

 The school is already planning to “make a date” for Speed Careering and Careers Expo next year so if you would like to support this event please contact the school.