Published: 18 May 2016

Justice for Refugees & Asylum Seekers

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Phil Glendenning has been the Director of the Edmund Rice Centre since its inception in 1996 and is currently the President of the Refugee Council of Australia. With a background in education, law, political science, and overseas aid & development, today he is primarily involved in human rights advocacy and education, peace and reconciliation work and raising awareness of the impact of climate change on marginalised peoples. In his work for the rights of Asylum Seekers & Refugees, Phil led the Edmund Rice Centre's research team for the "Deported to Danger" series which monitored the safety of rejected asylum seekers in 22 countries, and resulted in an internationally screened documentary, "A Well Founded Fear", in 2008. He was also a consultant on the 2012 TV series "Go Back to Where You Came From".

Come and share a meal and listen to the inspiring, passionate and knowledgeable Phil Glendenning discuss share some of his research into what happens to asylum seekers when we send them "back to where they came from" and what we can do to create a more just and welcoming Australia. An Eritrean meal will be provided. A donation of $20 per adult or $15 per student (to cover food and other costs) would be appreciated but not compulsory. For catering purposes please register by Monday 30 May.

Eddiefy Nights provide an opportunity for young people to share a meal together, discuss current justice and advocacy issues and listen to guest speakers who are directly or indirectly involved in the Edmund Rice Network and/or living out the Edmund Rice values of presence, compassion and liberation. All are welcome.

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