Published: 16 March 2017

2017 Year 8 & 9 Debating

The Jimmies Year 8 and Year 9 debating teams competed in Round 1 for the Queensland Debating Union competition last night at Ambrose Treacy College.

Our Year 8's triumphed against Indooroopilly State High arguing the negative of the topic “That if we could choose, we would be famous.”  

Please congratulate Zoe Gardner-Savage (1st speaker), Lilly Peardon (2nd speaker) and Samantha Dix (3rd speaker) as well as Patrick Burgess who was our timekeeper. 

Mrs Karen Lindsey, Middle School Coordinator said, "The students were exceptionally well prepared – all three speakers worked really well together and had their speeches completed to a high standard before the day of the debate.  I am really excited about this team."

The Year 9's lost by one point.  The topic was "That corporate sponsorship should be allowed in schools." Our team were arguing for the negative. Mrs Lindsey said, "These students have worked hard and really deserve a win.  I’m sure they’ll get there with a  little more organisation and practice prior to the debate. "

Please give encouragement to the Year 9 team, Harry Goodeve (1st speaker), Will Peardon (2nd speaker) and Gabe Stapleton (3rd speaker ) with Phoenix Glanville timekeeping. 

Thanks very much to Mrs Roz Ferris for her assistance yesterday afternoon and evening.