Published: 19 May 2016

Past student carries Jimmies spirit of help for little Akira

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Triple M's Marto and Ed have been lending a hand to Paul from Mount Gravatt East who set up a Raffle page in order to raise money for his good friend Valli's daughter, Akira. 

Akira is three years old, and suffers from negative myoclonic epilepsy and faces up to 100 dangerous seizures a day. She has not yet been able to speak, and can only consume complex baby formula.

Akira has been in dire need of a specially-trained Smart Pup Assistance Dog, which will become an integral part of her everyday life and prevent her from hurting herself during her endless and terrifying seizures.

The dog, which costs a total of $25,000 will comfort her when sick, assist her at school and home and will dramatically improve her quality of life. Using his own money, Paul put together the prizes to build the raffle page and start generating the funds.  After contacting Marto & Ed, and with the help of local businesses donating some amazing prizes, the raffle page has raised over $11K.

Then something incredible happened...

Out of the blue, local business owner of pet-food company, Big Dog Pet Foods stepped forward and made the very generous offer to purchase the dog for Akira outright, and also provide its food for life!

We brought this legend and Wally Lewis into the studio this morning to reveal the amazing news to Mum, Valli and her beautiful kids.

Paul thanks everyone who has donated prizes to the raffle and purchased tickets so far. The funds raised for the raffle will now go towards ongoing support and care for Valli and Akira.