Published: 20 October 2016

Final Debating Update

On Wednesday 19 October our Year 7 debating team had their final debate.

This fourth round debate also happened to be their first ever short prep debate. 

They did a great job and spoke really well but went down against a slightly more polished Clayfield College team.  

Middle School Coordinator Karen Lindsey said "Timothy, Jamieson and Samantha spoke really well and came up with some great arguments that they delivered convincingly. They have been awesome at attending meetings and have been really dedicated to debating."

The topic was "That students should be banned from using electronic devices outside of school" with the Jimmie's team arguing the affirmative.

Thank you to our speakers Timothy O'Brien, Samantha Dix, Jamieson Albrecht, timekeeper, Lilly Peardon and Teacher-Aide Sam Hodge who has been a great support to the Year 7 team.