Published: 21 June 2016

From Jimmies to United Nations

Last year, Fred Silver (Class of 2014) was personally invited by Humanitarian Affairs to attend the 6th University Scholars Leadership Symposium as a QUT Delegate. The Symposium was held in Hong Kong August 1-7 and saw over 800 promising future leaders from over 57 countries coming together in one platform to discuss important global humanitarian issues.

The organisers of the Symposium at the time were impressed by Fred’s contribution and they recently contacted him to ask if he would be interested in attending the 2016 Summer Youth Assembly at the UN Headquarters, New York, August 6-16.  The symposium will be focussing on empowering youth leaders and young professionals in the implementation of the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  Fred submitted an application to attend the Assembly as a QUT delegate and has just received the news that his application has been successful.

So this is great news.  Fred always looks for opportunities to talk up St James as well.  Who knows, we might even get a mention in the UN!