Published: 20 July 2016

Please Tweet our World Youth Day Pilgrims

More Info: Click Here

Brisbane Catholic Education Pilgrims have arrived safely in Germany and are on their way to World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland!

They are tweeting using #bnewhy16 or you can tweet them directly from the BCE World Youth Day page. On this web page can also follow the ‘feed’ and read individual pilgrim’s blogs by clicking on the person’s name. 

You do not need a Twitter account unless you would like to tweet back. If you don’t know how to tweet try watching this tutorial. You can also provide a comment to the pilgrims on their blog pages if they have feedback enabled. 

If you have time you are encouraged to send a message of support. You may even like to ‘adopt’ a pilgrim while they are away, keeping them in your thought and prayers as they continue this ‘transformative’ formation experience.