Published: 27 July 2016

Jimmies Sizzling Athletics Carnival

On Friday 22 July  the sun was shining and students were out in large numbers.

This year's athletics carnival was held at Nudgee College and everyone was out to give their best on the day.  

A number of records were broken in high jumping, big throwing and close races. There was possibly some seasonal weather temperature records broken on this very warm winters day. 

Fierce competition and pride comes to the fore when Jimmies students are representing their house groups. At the same time there was lots of fun, with many students taking the chance to dress up for the event. 

Scores were up and down all day and the winning house was going to come down to the wire.

Congratulations to all students who attended and represented their houses, without your commitment these carnivals would not be possible, a great effort.

Thank you also to all staff who battled the heat, alongside the students and coordinated age levels and events.

Finally, thank you the Kraut Family who volunteered their time to help officiate some of the field events for the college. Please find below all carnival points results, new records and age champions for 2016.

We look forward to seeing what 2017 brings to this great annual event.

1st Long House - 634 points
2nd Carey House - 620 points
3rd Hogan House - 576 points
4th Mary Rice House - 534 points

Tama Tupaea -  Javelin 13 - old record – 29.52m - new record – 32.86m
Tama Tupaea - Shot Put 13 - old record – 11.11m - new record – 14.37m
Tama Tupea Discus 13 - old record – 26.33m - new record – 40.58m
Tyrese Tufuga Shot Put 15 - old record – 12.60m - new record – 13.88
Caleb Haworth - Brown Shot Put Open - old record – 13.02m - new record – 13.70
Zoey Plater - 100m  14 - old record – 13.88 sec new record – 13.61 sec

12 Boys – Ethan Avery                          
12 Girls – Azariah Taulia & Cheyenne Pickering
13 Boys – Tama Tupaea                      
13 Girls – Samantha Dix
14 Boys – Sean Conner                        
14 Girls – Zoey Plater
15 Boys – Awan Awan                            
15 Girls – Mary Wani
16 Boys – Nhial Neyal                            
16 Girls – Talita Taufua
Open Boys – Fiamatai Leaupepe          
Open Girls – Genesita Wizeyimana, Nyandeng Chuol & Tia-Moana Hippolite