Careers, Real Futures

“Young people need real jobs, dignity & self respect”

The St James Counselling and Careers Department aim to provide information and guidance into real future pathways for all students.

Contact a St James Careers Counsellor

The Careers Counsellor at St James College is Mrs Brooke Walters

If you would like to make an appointment, find out more information about counselling services or to discuss any particular concerns, please contact:

Brooke Walters

Phone: (07) 3230 8663

School based Traineeships & Apprenticeships

  • Kick start your Career NOW
  • Go to work during School Hours
  • Get paid and get a qualification

St James College provides the opportunity to complete a school based traineeship on the Weekly Wednesday flexible programme or on a day(s) negotiated with the employer.

A Win for Students: You are on the way to a career and a real future.

A Win for Employers: There are incentive payments for taking on a SBA and you can train students to meet your specific business needs using a chosen Registered Training Organisation ( to show incentives etc for employers.

The following is referenced from the Apprenticeship Centre website

School-based apprenticeships & traineeships allow students generally in Years 10, 11 and 12 to:

  • Undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship while still at school
  • Participate in a combination of school, paid work, theoretical and structured workplace training
  • Progress towards gaining a nationally recognised qualification
  • Work towards completing their Senior Certificate

In addition, a completed apprenticeship or traineeship qualification may increase the student's chances of gaining entry into some tertiary courses.

Why you should start a School-based apprenticeship or traineeship today!

  • Gives you a head start towards your career and a competitive edge when looking for future employment
  • You earn an income and a nationally recognised qualification while still at school
  • Provides you with important hands on skills and valuable industry experience
  • Improves your confidence and communication skills, while building a strong work ethic
  • You may become qualified even sooner with the opportunity to work extra hours after school, on weekends and school holidays
  • You gain a qualification without debt, as the training is subsidised by the State Government
  • May provide you with the opportunity to go on to further education after completing your qualification or further progress your career
  • Once you become qualified, you have the opportunity to become your own boss, by starting your own business
  • You get to choose from over 600 exciting career opportunities
  • You can undertake the type of training that suits your learning needs, including training delivered on-the-job, off-the-job, or a combination of both

What is the difference between an apprenticeship & a traineeship?

A full-time apprenticeship (commonly referred to as a ‘Trade') will usually take three to four years to complete, while a full-time traineeship will usually take between one to three years and generally covers all other non-trade related qualifications. Part-time and School-based apprenticeships and traineeships normally take twice as long to complete as their full-time equivalent.

The good news is that most apprenticeships and traineeships are now competency based, which means that the faster your employee can learn and apply their new skills, the sooner they will become qualified.

Examples of apprenticeship and traineeship occupations include:


  • Mechanic
  • Hairdresser
  • Chef
  • Carpenter
  • Brick layer


  • Business Administration
  • Salon Assistant
  • Hospitality Staff
  • Multi Media and IT
  • Retail Assistant

Practical Hints for Students

  • Have an up-to-date resume on your network folder
  • Try to get some work experience in chosen work
  • See the Guidance Counsellor and tell as many people that you know to help you look for an employer
  • Check the online job vacancy sites eg
  • Be persistent, don't give up, in looking for the apprenticeship you want

Helpful Websites

SCIPS – School Community Industry Partnership Service

Visit for a list of current vacancies in Traineeships.

Redmako Hospitality

Redmako is Queensland's only hospitality specialist providing learning within the hospitality industry. For more information, visit the website on

Current Vacancies

Click here to find out the current vacancies available to you.

Resume Outline

Click here to download a useful resume  template  and resume builder which can be used for your own.

Year 12 School Leavers


Stay up-to-date on what's happening at St James with Jimmies Spirit newsletter.

Tips For University Study 

Research has found that social isolation and being unprepared for university are major factors why students left their studies at Australian institutions.

Key points:

  • 48 per cent of students left their studies in the first year, followed by 34 per cent in the second year and 18 per cent in the third or latter years.
  • 21 per cent of students discontinued their studies for reasons directly related to their university experience, such as dissatisfaction with their course or institution, issues with commuting or finding the course to be too hard or too easy.
  • 60 per cent of students discontinued their studies due to personal reasons, such as health, financial pressures or employment.
  • 49 per cent of discontinuing students went into the workforce, 36 per cent applied for another course and 13 per cent claimed they are unlikely to return to study in the next five years.
  • 52 per cent of online/distance students described themselves as not at all engaged in university life.

Unhappiness with their course was more commonly cited by younger students (20 per cent of 18–24 year olds compared to 11 per cent of 25–34 year olds and six per cent of those aged 35 years and older).

To download a copy of the report, visit the Hobsons website.

Further Education

Each year (at the end of term 2) Yr 12 students will be given a copy of the Queensland Tertiary Courses Book which contain course information, enrolment advice and course cut offs and other useful information for students applying for tertiary courses in the following year.

2019 QTAC Guide available soon

The Counselling and Careers Department at St James College conducts a Tertiary Application Programme to guide Yr 12 students into realistic application for courses and how to apply for courses.

Students are encouraged to attend Tertiary Studies Expo and University Open Days.

Each year, all Yr 11–12 students attend the Careers and Employment Market at the Convention Centre.

There is much useful information online. It is important to view carefully the information you get online. The information needs to be up-to-date and not all sites are changed regularly.

These sites are a sample only and because St James College does not have input we are unable to recommend any particular information.

Tertiary Institutions

Australian Catholic
Endeavour College of Natural Health –
Australian Defence Force Academy –
SAE Creative Media Institute –
Queensland University of
The University of
University of the Sunshine Coast –

Training Sites

Courses, qualifications, different TAFE Colleges, enrolment advice

Department of Employment and
Queensland 's entry point to jobs, careers and training, apprenticeships and traineeships, and employment and training government assistance .

QLD Education Sites

Queensland Tertiary Admission
Useful information about applying for tertiary courses.

Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority –
The Queensland Studies Authority provides P to 12 syllabuses, assessment, reporting, testing, accreditation and certification services for Queensland schools.

Full-time/Part-time Job Search

As a school student you will have to balance your work, study, recreation, family, and social life. It is also important that you have a clear idea of your rights, correct pay, breaks, overtime, workplace health and safety, discrimination.

At St James College part-time jobs are often listed in the newsletter. The Guidance Counsellor may have jobs available. An up-to-date resume is important.

Remember that in applying for any job the resume will get you an interview. However, at the interview, your presentation and attitude contributes 85%+ to getting the job.

First impressions count… you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

Job Listings/Vacancies

Australian JobSearch –
JobSearch is Australia 's main national job database. It provides the widest single point of access to job opportunities anywhere in Australia and includes job listings, career advice and information about the future directions of the job market.

Careerone –
Includes listings of jobs in Australia like accounting jobs, administration jobs, HR jobs, hospitality jobs, IT jobs, customer service jobs and many more ... These are the jobs which appear in the Courier Mail.

Seek –
A job search site that includes articles about how to develop resumes and find work.

Adzuna Australian Jobs –
Job listings and tips for resumes and info about how to find work. Good information about jobs.

Career Information 

St James College does not have input into the sites the information. It is important to be critical of the information and check that it is current.

My Future –
A very useful site to find information and also check your career interests.

This section of myfuture guides you through activities to help you explore your career. You will answer questions, explore career suggestions made by myfuture, select career favourites, clarify your career direction, and then, create an action plan to help you reach your career goals.

Job Search –
Search for information on occupations and careers. 
Find out about job prospects, weekly earnings, type of work and other useful occupational information.

The Beacon Foundation

St James welcomes the Beacon Foundation as a support for students committed to “Earning or Learning”. The Year 10 Beacon Committee is dedicated to working on projects which promote real futures.

St James College has accepted the invitation and support of the Beacon Foundation in reaching our goal to achieve personal success for each individual.

Our united aim is that young people need REAL FUTURES.

The Beacon Foundation says “Young people need real jobs, dignity and self respect.”

As a Beacon School we join a national organisation of schools which initiates original and innovative projects that demonstrate solutions for real future employment and careers. In addition, the Beacon Foundation has national sponsors and business supporters who contribute to making career opportunities and learning experiences for young people.

Check out the Beacon Website at

Year 10 Beacon Ambassadors

The Year 10 Beacon Ambassadors are the driving force for all the projects and strategies for real future career education and experience in Year 10. The Ambassadors meets regularly to plan and promote.

Students take responsibility for the following projects in Year 10:

Beacon Launch

The Ambassadors arrange a presentation / workshop to motivate students to seek out real career pathways.

Year 10 Work Experience

There is a week of work experience in Term 2 and students are supported in their choice of a real experience of work. As well as valuable experience in a possible future career it may also provide opportunities for a school-based apprenticeship or part time work.

Yr 10 Charter Ceremony

This is an essential part of the Real Futures Program and involves students publicly signing a pledge to be in further education or employment by March the following year. They do this in the presence of representatives from community, business, the school and their parents.

The ceremony is an important occasion and involves a high profile guest speaker.

The Beacon Ambassadors are involved in planning this day to be special and will be involved as MC's, presenters and ushers on the day.

The Ceremony reflects the students Senior Education and Training Plan (SET) which is compulsory by law for all Year 10 students to be “Learning or Earning”.

Mock Interviews

This is an important opportunity for students to practice job seeking skills. Employers from different industries are invited to the school to provide real interview experiences.

Industry/Business Event

This is an invitation to the business community to come to St James College. It is a means to establish new links with businesses. St James has an extensive VET programme and also work placement programme.

This function, organised by the committee, aims to establish stronger links with the local community.

Special Events

  • Beacon Ambassador members often act as representatives of the school.
  • Lunch with the Girls – A Beacon initiated event to motivate disengaged students with presentations from inspiring role models.

Jobs for School Leavers

Please contact the Careers Counsellor for any current positions available.

Phone: (07) 3230 8664